Holiday Whatnot

I’ve seen people do this before and always meant to try it myself.  How cool do Christmas lights look all blurred out?!

BTW, so sad Christmas lights go away after the New Year.  They help me chipper up through the long dark winter.  I went to Colorado once in January/February and saw a mountain neighborhood where everyone had kept their lights on.  Why not people?  Instead I just live for days like today.  60 plus degrees in January.  Take it when I can get it!

The ornaments we made from the last post.

Gingerbread men.

Photo credit: Hubby Jim

“Tri County Baking Spree” Credit: Hubby Jim

I made a pumpkin bread (eh) and a batch of ready-made sugar cookies the whole holiday but Jim.  Oh Jim.  Let’s see here.  Gingerbread, peanut butter oat cookies, cinnamon babka(holy cow, best holiday treat EVER), the aforementioned mince pies, maple walnut bread, oat pancakes, pizza crust and I’m sure I’m missing something else.  No really, I’m pretty sure.  You knocked it out of the park this year baby!

Oh, I have to give myself credit for making a fourth stocking to round out our set.  I remember only making three back when our first was a baby, being superstitious and not wanting to presume anything by making a fourth, even though it would have been a heck of a lot easier to get them all done at once.  Nice to be able to complete the job!  Too bad I didn’t take a picture of it before everything got put away in the attic.  Aah, just use your imagination people.

And here, our newest winter tradition.  We turned our redbud into a winter solstice tree for the birds(who am I kidding? I’m sure the squirrels ripped that crap down before any birds saw it, but it’s the thought that counts).  You know the drill.  A little peanut butter or shortening on a pine cone and roll them in bird seed.  And we tied some orange slices up too.  I tried to get out and take a shot of the tree during the morning when the light was good and the dang things weren’t all ripped down, but it was glaring sun by the time I got around to it and the shots were just ok.  I’ll aim for it next year : )

So the moral of this holiday season as far as productivity/crafting/baking/photography?  I’m going to borrow a phrase from cousin Shellie who has four kids, one of whom is also a baby.  “Lower your expectations.”  But you know, we had a fun holiday and enjoyed the kids and the family and ate like sumo wrestlers.  It was pretty great : )

Hope yours was great too!


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As Promised…

A couple of shots of our ornament making session…

They turned out cute.  We painted and glittered them and they’re hanging on the tree!  But I must admit that baking fake cookies makes you really want real ones.  You know how that ends.

Oh, and the mince pies(no actual meat included).  How adorable right?  They even got a Brit’s seal of approval!  I think Jim will be including these in his holiday repertoire from now on.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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She Sheepishly Posts for the First Time in Months…

Um, yeah.  The only reason I’m even checking in is because my baby is mysteriously sleeping when he’s not usually sleeping.  One of those times where you just don’t know what to do with yourself because the situation is odd, and needs to be monitored.  You can’t just go about your business (which in my case lately means going to bed as early as possible).

So here we are.  I’ve been feeling guilty about the lack of posting and thought I might want to get back into it and bam!  The holiday season hits and my crazy husband has jumped right in with both feet(well, jumped in as far as you can with a full-time job and two kids one of whom is 6 weeks old).  In the last two days he’s had us making homemade ornaments and is currently in the kitchen making mini traditional mincemeat pies.  With STARS on top.  Normally I am right there with him in the crafty/cooking department(granted, with a lot less saw dust and grease) but I will give you some examples of my current situation.  I knit two hats for new baby, one of which was too small(he’s a big guy) and the other for Halloween, which I started while I was a week overdue and never finished.  And today, as I attempted to use a spare 10 minutes(not exaggerating on the time limit) to fabric shop for our new guy’s stocking the damn store wasn’t open on the button so I had to just leave.

Seriously, could I use any more parenthesis in this post?

So what was I saying, oh yes, there is a lot to photograph around here and I will try to get back to you all soon with the results.  Yeah, that’s what I was getting at.

Excuse me while I go take a look at those pies.  The name sounds disgusting but they smell like heaven.


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Backyard Campout

Just a few quick photos of a great idea, a backyard campout…

Not that anyone actually slept the night out there, but there was a tent, should anyone have wanted to.

And adequate lighting…

And the all important s’mores.  I may still be making them in the microwave with the leftovers…


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Went for one of our nightly walks and immediately ran back home to grab my camera.  The sky was absolutely breathtaking.  I may print up a big one of these and put it in the boys’ room. 

Wow, boys plural. 

Anyway, I’ve found myself wishing we lived at the edge of a field, or on the 5th floor of a high-rise lately, the evening skies and sunsets have just been spectacular.  Maybe I should put together an inspirational calendar or something ; )  Don’t worry, I’m kidding…


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Sewing Update

Here’s a picture of my attempt at a more challenging sewing project.

Our sweet old rocking chair finally got a new cushion cover.  I’m pretty happy with the results.  It still needs some sort of cushion on the back for comfort.  I’m thinking just a solid (what is that color, anyway?) grey/brown to match the dots on the other fabric.  Then again, I may just put a nice thick throw blanket over the back and call it good.  The project’s been done for weeks and I seem to have washed my hands of it so we’ll see. 

Thank you to youtube for helping me figure out what the hell I was doing!


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Fair Time!

Last Friday night we attended one of our favorite events of the year, the Vinland Fair.  It’s a teeny, wee, itty bitty thing and that is why we love it (this coming from a Hutchinson, KS girl, home of the much larger State Fair).  We always attend on Friday night because of the awesome chicken noodle dinner with homemade pie (kept thinking of you the whole time Emily) and the antique tractor pull.

The pie.  I may or may not have had two pieces of the mixed berry.

Not composed well but I was working fast as those around me were scarfing rapidly.  And I did not get a shot of the beautiful chicken noodles that we patiently waited for in the rain because you do not get in the way of a pregnant girl and her noodles, or her mother and her noodles.  Must be genetic. 

The aforementioned rain and the setting sun made for beautiful and challenging, rapidly changing light.  It was good practice really.  Kept that sucker on manual and held on for dear life. Thanks to my husband, mom, and friends for helping keep an I on our little guy while I took pictures here and there.

The rain delayed the tractor pull about an hour so it was getting pretty dark by the time it started.  I changed my ISO a couple of times during the event to bring more light into the camera so I wouldn’t have to use my flash.  So some of the images are a little grainy or blurry, but it helped keep the quality of the light for me.

Jim’s favorite, the Row Crop…

My favorite, a beat up old thing that appears to still be in use (many of these tractors are from the 30s) driven by the only female driver who had it up on two wheels. Spunk, I tell you…

And this blurry shot I love that makes him look like he’s flying…



Can’t wait till next year : )


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