And So It Begins…

“Adventures in Part-Time Creativity.”

So here’s the deal.  I think this blog is going to be my place to write about how I’m beginning to reconcile being a creative person (who’d like to make some money at it) and a SAHM at the same time. “AST” as my old dance teacher Judy used to put it.  Let’s do this all together now. 

As many of you know I like to be crafty and creative, and even have a design degree to prove it.  But despite 5 years in college and a three-year stint as a jeweler I have yet to find my niche.  I am LOVING getting to hang with my kid on a full-time basis.  I am the luckiest girl in the world to spend my days (and evenings, and middle of the nights) with him and to have a very supportive partner to share the load.  I tend to relegate my creative experiments to the odd Halloween costume, knitted hat or scarf, or making small jewelry pieces for friends’ birthdays.  And oh yeah, there’s the camera.

For my “push present” Jim and I saved for six months to buy a decent camera because I’ve always loved the thought of photography.  I’ve taken the odd class here and there with the old-fashioned film cameras(thanks Aunt Charlotte, for the loan of yours during college).  I always got a kick out of it and thought there might be something to it for me.  So we got this digital SLR camera right before Anderson was born and with little or no idea what I was doing I started documenting his life.  Guys, it’s REALLY fun.  Nice cameras make everything look better, and once in a while I got a decent shot.  Often enough to have something to frame, and something to send out in the Christmas cards (sorry Erin, I still owe you one, I haven’t forgotten, I’m just a crappy friend).  People started commenting here and there that I took nice pictures.   Often enough that I thought maybe I should give it a shot.  Hmmm… Flexible schedule, maybe make a little money on the side somehow.  And I really enjoy the process. 

I shouldn’t have been surprised. It’s been nagging at me lately that although I have been plugging away at creating my entire life (baking, drawing, jewelry, dancing, singing, knitting, quilting etc.) what I’m really good at is observing.  Picking and chosing the beautiful.  Editing, selecting, SEEING.  And you know, I thought for a long time I ought to have a boutique.  Selecting merchandise and displaying it sounds like about the most fun possible.  Except that I’ve done retail.  Um, not so family friendly.  I like my evenings, weekends and holidays.  So for me photography is the best melding of both the worlds.  Out of your observations, you get to create. 

So I’m all set right?  Well there are just the two small matters of my paralysing fear of starting a new job(especially one where I’m in charge of everything), and the fact that technology scares the crap out of me.  I really am a disgrace to my Gen X/Y peers. 

So this is my jumping off point.  I’ll let you guys know what I’m up to as far as this whole photography thing goes, post some pictures, and maybe I’ll throw in a little content about whatever crafty mess I’ve gotten myself into on the side(I’m currently about to throw the hat I’m knitting out the window).

Thanks for comming along for the ride.


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2 Responses to And So It Begins…

  1. Emily says:

    Way to go T! You have my complete support! I’m ready for the ride! ; )

  2. updogdowndog says:

    This is wonderfully written! It sounds just like you and makes me really think. I love that you’re so frank, open and honest. I am hoping great things for you and your new endeavors.

    AND the bestest thing? You’ve inspired me. Thanks!

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