I’ve been trying out the new lens.  So far I’ve done a little indoor afternoon…

And then some dark restaurant at my cousin Beth’s bachelorette dinner(I will refrain from showing these because I didn’t ask anyone if I could use their picture and also because they were mostly blurry!).  This helped me figure out how far I could push the lens without using flash.  Apparently, I pushed too far.  Damn you Italian restaurants with your mood lighting! : )

And yesterday morning I did some ridiculous multitasking, schlepping the stroller, my bag, camera bag, child, and stopping off for groceries on the way home…

I took this picture to remind me why I live where I live and do what I do.  It’s massively sappy, but good lord, the leaves were falling on a perfect beautiful morning while all the neighborhood families walking their kids to school.  I mean come on!  How great is that?

Some of those leaves I was talking about…

I also got a couple good outdoor shots of my kid, even though it was crazy bright out, so that’s encouraging.

The verdict?  I have much to learn.  This lens is certainly not a cure-all for my ignorance, but I am so pleased with what I’ve been able to do so far.


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