Can I confess something?  I HATE not knowing what I’m doing. 

When I started working as a bench jeweler I had nightmares and constantly brooding thoughts about what I had ruined or would ruin the next day at work.  Granted, the lovely people I was working for knew that I was learning on the job and knew that potentially meant cracked stones and melted metal.  I was never yelled at or docked pay or made to feel stupid.  But I did feel stupid.  Quite frequently.  Fast forward three years and I could do 80% of the repair and custom work with complete ease, help a customer design a piece, order what I needed, make the jewelry, and even wrap a package that utilized a glue gun and half of the Hobby Lobby floral department.  I very casually cut apart and reconfigured my own engagement ring and wedding bands a few days before getting married without breaking a sweat.  I was also the person who pretty much knew where anything was in the store at any time (that scrap of paper with customer X’s phone number, the 5mm white gold spit bezels and the hidden mini cheesecake bites in the freezer).  I loved knowing what the heck I was doing, and being an important part of what made the place tick.  Sure, I still screwed up once in a while, and was still learning new techniques, but my overall confidence kept me from having too many of those nightmares.

So I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but dude, sometimes it sucks going down that tunnel.  I was just looking up some tips on taking indoor shots since I may be photographing in an airport for a friend next month.  I came upon some info on white balance and realized, hmm, “I pretty much just use auto for that.  Better do some experiments.”  Oh, and I realized that I hadn’t bothered to check where my ISO was set for I don’t know how long.  Nice.  Sorry if your eyes just glazed over for a moment with the tech talk, but heck, you probably know more about that than I do for all I know.

Here’s to practice, practice, practice!


Oh, and everyone have a great Halloween this weekend.  We’ve got a costume to finish tonight!

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