The Last of Summer

Back in October I brought in the last of the tomatoes, including a ton of green ones.  After years of frustration and experimentation we only grow Romas and cherry or grape tomatoes because that’s what the squirrels won’t eat. 

Anyway, they took their sweet time to get red which is awesome because we got pasta sauce from the garden in DECEMBER!

Yes, I realize this is not the most appetizing picture.

Although I used to consider myself a baker, what I’ve come to realize is that I’m a person who really loves to eat baked things, hence, I bake so I can have them.  What I really love to do is throw together a meal without a recipe.  By the seat of your pants, if you will.  Most of what I know comes from years of watching Jim cook and many experiments gone bad.  I owe my scratch pasta sauce to a combination of this AMAZING roasted tomato recipe from (Jim has her book) and an episode of No Reservations where Anthony Bourdain explains how to make the perfect pasta with red sauce.  Of course I can’t find the episode or anything on youtube.  Piss.  Long story short,  roasted tomatoes+olive oil+garlic+basil+red pepper flakes+butter+starchy pasta water+slightly undercooked pasta= lick the pan goodness.  Trust me.


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