For the Win!

Look who put on her big girl panties and remembered to adjust her white balance!  Actually, I keep the thing on auto because whenever I try to mess with it I just seem to make things worse, so I ignore it most of the time.  But not last week!  I desperately needed to get out and take some shots but thought, “yuck, it’s cloudy, I never get good shots when it’s cloudy.”  Well lo and behold, I happened to remember that you can do something about that!  Granted, I ended up getting about 4 minutes to work, but still happy with the outcome. Yay for pretty color even on a cloudy day!

Chives are so pretty!  Who knew?

Some of last year’s lavender that I probably should have cut back, maybe, I guess?  Suppose I can chop it off now that I took the picture!

Happy gardening everyone!


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