A few things I’ll just throw out there…

I’m hot on the trail of the species of flower that I’ve used as the masthead below my blog title.  Until now I’ve only been able to describe them as Dr. Seuss Dandelions.  I made sure to watch out for them in our neighbors’ yard and they start out as this early blooming pretty deep purple thing.  I should probably just ask them huh?

This summer’s photo-related goals start with learning a couple of tricks in the editing department.  Up till now, everything you’ve seen has been hardly even cropped, much less enhanced in any way, I can do better!  And I also plan to print out a small selection of family shots for the album (heck, even just to have in the packages) from each of the folders I have from about the last 2 years.  I’m not even talking nice framing quality, I’m talking drug store prints(I’m pretty good about getting those rare frame worthy shots printed well).  I’m just a little behind eh?  We’ve got a new edition heading to our house in Oct. and I’m pretty sure that’ll be last on my list this winter!

Help keep me honest!


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One Response to Random

  1. I don’t know what those are on your masthead, but you sure have described them correctly. Maybe Dr. Seuss Dandelions are their real name!

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