Fair Time!

Last Friday night we attended one of our favorite events of the year, the Vinland Fair.  It’s a teeny, wee, itty bitty thing and that is why we love it (this coming from a Hutchinson, KS girl, home of the much larger State Fair).  We always attend on Friday night because of the awesome chicken noodle dinner with homemade pie (kept thinking of you the whole time Emily) and the antique tractor pull.

The pie.  I may or may not have had two pieces of the mixed berry.

Not composed well but I was working fast as those around me were scarfing rapidly.  And I did not get a shot of the beautiful chicken noodles that we patiently waited for in the rain because you do not get in the way of a pregnant girl and her noodles, or her mother and her noodles.  Must be genetic. 

The aforementioned rain and the setting sun made for beautiful and challenging, rapidly changing light.  It was good practice really.  Kept that sucker on manual and held on for dear life. Thanks to my husband, mom, and friends for helping keep an I on our little guy while I took pictures here and there.

The rain delayed the tractor pull about an hour so it was getting pretty dark by the time it started.  I changed my ISO a couple of times during the event to bring more light into the camera so I wouldn’t have to use my flash.  So some of the images are a little grainy or blurry, but it helped keep the quality of the light for me.

Jim’s favorite, the Row Crop…

My favorite, a beat up old thing that appears to still be in use (many of these tractors are from the 30s) driven by the only female driver who had it up on two wheels. Spunk, I tell you…

And this blurry shot I love that makes him look like he’s flying…



Can’t wait till next year : )


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One Response to Fair Time!

  1. emily says:

    Great pics T! I miss kansas pie and kansas skies. 🙂 don’t feel bad about 2 pieces, I had 2 when I was at Carriage Crossing in Yoder in July. That’s how I roll…and I’m not even preggers!

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