She Sheepishly Posts for the First Time in Months…

Um, yeah.  The only reason I’m even checking in is because my baby is mysteriously sleeping when he’s not usually sleeping.  One of those times where you just don’t know what to do with yourself because the situation is odd, and needs to be monitored.  You can’t just go about your business (which in my case lately means going to bed as early as possible).

So here we are.  I’ve been feeling guilty about the lack of posting and thought I might want to get back into it and bam!  The holiday season hits and my crazy husband has jumped right in with both feet(well, jumped in as far as you can with a full-time job and two kids one of whom is 6 weeks old).  In the last two days he’s had us making homemade ornaments and is currently in the kitchen making mini traditional mincemeat pies.  With STARS on top.  Normally I am right there with him in the crafty/cooking department(granted, with a lot less saw dust and grease) but I will give you some examples of my current situation.  I knit two hats for new baby, one of which was too small(he’s a big guy) and the other for Halloween, which I started while I was a week overdue and never finished.  And today, as I attempted to use a spare 10 minutes(not exaggerating on the time limit) to fabric shop for our new guy’s stocking the damn store wasn’t open on the button so I had to just leave.

Seriously, could I use any more parenthesis in this post?

So what was I saying, oh yes, there is a lot to photograph around here and I will try to get back to you all soon with the results.  Yeah, that’s what I was getting at.

Excuse me while I go take a look at those pies.  The name sounds disgusting but they smell like heaven.


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