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Holiday Whatnot

I’ve seen people do this before and always meant to try it myself.  How cool do Christmas lights look all blurred out?! BTW, so sad Christmas lights go away after the New Year.  They help me chipper up through the long … Continue reading

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Snow in March is Awesome When it Melts Immediately

Greetings from Mediocrity.  Currently wallowing in the depths of morning/afternoon/evening/nighttime sickness.  It’s a pretty successful day when I’m showered, the house is remotely clean, I can find something to eat that doesn’t sound gross and there is a long nap.  … Continue reading

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No, I Was Not Abducted by Aliens

Let’s see, what’s been going on around here… Multiple snow storms, multiple colds, a birthday, some sewing, a baby shower, three batches of cupcakes (one of which was trashed-how do you screw up box cupcakes?), pretty much no yoga (sad … Continue reading

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I had to get a little creative the other day.  It was snowing so hard that I had to stay on the porch for these shots, I didn’t want to get my camera wet!

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